TechRadar – April 10 2022 – Exclusive holiday interview with IT millionaire Adriel van der Westhuizen

By Ben Shindler

In the last few months the IT crowd has been up in arms, and the consumers rejoicing at the sudden rise and almost instant success of a company now dominating the IT industry. Everyone from both ends have been dying to know how he did it and what’s his story. But getting an interview with Mr. van der Westhuizen wasn’t easy. But my persistence paid off, insisting the office tell him I’m from Tech Radar, and merely wanted to know a little bit more about the man himself and his road to success that would feature on our websites front page.

A few days later I got a call from the man himself, and agreed to a exclusive one on one, but was unfortunately on holiday for 2 weeks. This was also fine with me as at the time he agreed, also came at a time I would be in Italy doing research on another story. I was pretty shocked at his response “Oh you’re in Italy!? Well that’s a coincidence, my family and I are taking our holiday on the island of Capri. The first few days we’ll just be relaxing before we go touring, so I’m sure there’ll be an hour or two I can spare for an interview. I’ll just make sure my wife would be OK with it”. Never in all my reporting years has anyone this big ever invited me while on holiday just for an interview. Minutes later I was called back and told they’d be delighted to have me over, just one rule… No suits, ties, cufflinked shirts or anything formal, come as if you were on holiday! I was flabbergasted.

So on Sunday April 10th, I was greeted by Adriel’s beautiful friendly wife at the door of the Villa Calypso. Adriel right behind her greeted me with a handshake and welcomed me in. I immediately asked where we would do the interview, as I felt I was still intruding on their holiday. The both looked at me with confused faces.

“Why so quick to get down to business? We’re on holiday, so that means so are you! Came take tour a and would you like a glass of wine?

Shocked but a little more at ease I agreed, and what a tour. The Villa Calypso is a stunning place, classic mixed with modern. Turquois tiled floors and curtains with antique and modern furniture throughout was something different, yet still quite pleasing. Through long halls with bookshelves end to end, and spacious living areas, I was brought outside the balcony with a breathtaking view, the Tyrrhenian Sea with that calming ocean air, just visible over the trees. And so the actual interview began.

“So Mr. van der Westhuizen….

“Adriel please, address me as your friend, we’re not in a board meeting” he said with a smile a laugh.

“So Adriel, take me back a bit before it all began. Many seem to think that you’re just another one of those that just had it all, all his life”

“Well Ben, people are full of opinions, as that is far from the truth. I lived with my parents for 34 years before even moving out and was flat broke the year before I did”

“OK but you’re only 37 now, how on earth did you get up so high, so fast? Win the lottery of something”?

Bursting out laughing with his wife who had just walked out with a bottle of vintage merlot she nearly dropped from laughter herself, he replied

“It still amazes and amuses me sometimes how people assume that everything can just fall on your lap. Yea sure, there are lottery winners, but no I’m not one of them.”

“So what happened then?”

“Well after all the years of achieving nothing, working in bars all my life, and spiraling out of control many times, a tough pill came to swallow. Although I had FINALLY left the last bar I worked in, with nothing in my pocket, a big move, but I still wasn’t finding any direction, slipping back to bad habits. New job, great! Still had no money. Why? It was when a close friend cut me off for a while when I had to realize during that pain that something had to change. I just didn’t know what”

“Why did you get cut off may I ask”?

“I was taking one step forward, and ten steps back, to the reckless person I always had been, becoming more of a burden than a friend. A tough pill to swallow when you come to that realization on your own. But it was all for the good. Searching for direction through self helps and energy healing and so on, I had stumbled on something in late mid 2019 that wouldn’t leave my Facebook Newsfeed, titled “Taking Charge podcast: End the self-help hustle and heartache” by network marketer Mark Januszewski.”

“That title suggests that self-help is baloney….”

“I know right?!. Didn’t quite get that either. But skipping ahead, shortly after following Mark J on Facebook he had advertised his self ACTION course The MasterKey Experience, where the intro video’s I watched started to make things more clear. So my friend and I, now recently reconnected joined up. Those 26 weeks changed our lives forever, and got me here where I am today. While I can’t share too much on the course, it has a lot to do with wrong thinking.”

“What, that’s it? And BAM! You’re here?”

“It didn’t happen like magic Ben, there was a lot of work to do, but in my persistence to finding my “Definite Major Purpose”, things started changing, not by thinking in the future, but by thinking and feeling as if that future is happening now. By July 2020, after the course was done, a company that was paying for my IT studies, had employed me full time, A small Facebook Custom PC business I started earlier in January 2020, was thriving and started becoming very close competition to one of the biggest custom builders in South Africa. I was saving a lot of money for something bigger, moving to Europe and opening a bigger branch there. I had also moved into my FIRST, OWN, HOME.”

“This is truly astonishing! This course got you thinking your way into your future?”

“It wasmany things we learnt like forming good habits, rewiring thoughts, and becoming a self-directed thinker. And things just kept moving from there on. In May 2021 I had gotten married with children, the business doing exceptionally well, I had already saved up quite a large sum of money and had started building my Europe branch of the company, and by January 2022, my family and I were living in Europe with my empire as it stands today.”

I had to sit back for a while to let this all sink in. A 26 week course and this man is living his bliss? I sat quietly for a bit, took another sip of the lovely vintage merlot, felt the cool breeze with that ocean smell hitting me ever so lightly. The weather here just perfect, around 20 degrees C, just not too cold, a perfectly sunny day. I got up to look at the mountain view below, still is disbelief what I’ve heard, but maybe he could be right? Self help guru’s give a few seminars and send you on your way, this was 26 weeks of hard work he said…. So I turned around to ask one last question.

“It’s quite a journey you’ve been on I must say. On the business side, everyone is asking, how did you grow your empire with all your services’ prices so far below what anyone else is offering, and your customer service is still so impeccable?”

A grin on Adriel’s face knowing what I was going for….

“Well you know I can’t give away trade secrets Ben, but what I will leave you with is, when you give more, you receive more, it’s the law of the Universe. A worthwhile read is Ralph Waldo Emerson’s “Compensation” Essays from the 1800’s. In that sometimes hard to understand English, the message is all there, it’s a mind blower”

This was a story I never expected, so unique like no other. When I returned to my hotel, I went to find those Essays he spoke about and took read…. You should too.