Hi! I’m Adriel

A little bit about me. My name is Adriel van der Westhuizen. I’m a 34 year old male, born and raised in South Africa. My family tree is a mixture of sought consisting of German, Irish, French and Dutch. Brought up English also speak Afrikaans.

I’m still living here in SA, in the same house, with my parents….. I can hear that question already “You’re STILL at your folks’ place?” Well, all I can say is I now know that it was pre-determined by my own sub-conscious.

I have a deep love for music of all genres, except that what we call here the “Sokkie Treffer” (go Google one and translate the lyrics you’ll understand why. A parrot muttering random words makes more sense…). I have a passion for everything IT, love tinkering with desktops and laptops, fixing other people’s machines where the so called “professionals” can’t get it right.

Being in the food and beverage industry my whole life after school, restaurants and bars to be more specific, I have broken free this year from all that after working at a bar for 10 years and nothing to show for it (STILL at home). I’m now pursuing an IT career and started the journey of Self Discovery through the Masterkey Experience. Excited to get to know my true self and live my Definite Major Purpose!