Week 14 – 16


Gratitude cards…. Writing 3 of these out each day starts having quite an effect on me. I start seeing and am sometimes reminded of so many things that I have, more and more each day. The list is endless! When I stop and think about it, I really have A LOT. Having friends that stick by me no matter how bad I mess up, is a huge one! It makes me complain less and see the good in what I have. For example, when I think about or do happen to complain about my current temporary job paying poorly, I remind myself, I’m grateful to have work to go to during the week. Frustrated that I don’t have my own car, I’m grateful to still have legs and feet and am able to walk. I still live at home with my parents at 34, I’m grateful I’m not living alone. Having these gratitude’s, is a good attitude. I’m more happier during each day that what I was complaining about things I shouldn’t be complaining about.

Watching the movie Door to Door was so uplifting. Based on a true story, seeing how much Bill Porter persists in spite of having cerebral palsy to be what he wills to be. When difficulties arise and even advised to stop being a door to door salesmen, he clearly affirms “I AM A SALESMAN!”, rejecting what others THINKS he should do. Even after countless turn downs, whether kind or not, always goes back to the same houses, with a positive mental attitude, trying, and trying and trying again to make a sale. He eventually became Watkins’ (the company he worked for) top seller. But Technology changed, the business moved to telesales, yet Bill knew he’s purpose was door to door and STILL persisted on. After leaving Watkins, he was asked to return, still, as a door to door salesman. A story that shows if you believe & persist, with a positive mental attitude, your Definite Major Purpose will manifest into reality!

My way of thinking has shifted. I’ve always been that person that when bad things happen that says “Why do bad things always happen to me?” “Nothing ever goes right in my life”. Those thoughts don’t even cross my mind anymore. During the last week I had a run in with a wood blade on a grinder, injuring my fingers, putting me out of work. The next day my phone I’d just recently repaired, fell and died. But I wasn’t even upset. I took a step back and thought, I know now that I wanted these things to happen, there is also a reason they did.

I remembered 2 passages from Hanel in Week 15. 1. Difficulties, inharmonies, and obstacles, indicate that we are either refusing to give out what we no longer need, or refusing to accept what we require. 2. All conditions and experiences that come to us do so for our benefit. Difficulties and obstacles will continue to come until we absorb their wisdom and gather from them the essentials for further growth. Many thoughts crossed my mind. Am I clinging to this job because I feel obliged to? Should I be letting it go, yet I’m ever grateful to have the work? But I saw the lesson in it. I wasn’t getting enough sleep and not eating enough during the day, causing me to lose concentration, and so much worse could have happened.

During my time off I was also able to be there for a friend who was going through a rough time, dates reminding him of horrible family losses. Not delving into all the sadness, leaving all my opinions aside, talking only positive and good, I saw him back to his old self after the dates had passed.

My biggest change in the way I think, is what I think of myself. I always used to look down on myself, stating very negative and demeaning things such as “I’m useless/pathetic/worthless/ugly” and so on. Just busy with work duties, I walked past my bosses/friends as they were having a debate about something. I was caught off guard when one of them randomly asked, “Adriel, are you beautiful?” It only took me milliseconds to reply: “@#$% Yeah!!!”

I was wowed at how not a negative thought crossed my mind when speaking about myself! A true first for me! This is just one more experience that adds to my ever-growing happiness!

One thought on “Week 14 – 16

  1. Thank you Adriel for talking about your transformation – the negative self-talk no longer having a hold on you. I can relate, and agree, that line of thinking is all but gone. Thinking back over the past few months, I don’t recall it happening once since staring MKMMA. Beautiful indeed!

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