Week 11, 12


Wow has it been a profound 2 weeks. The changes, the happenings, the realizations….

It all started for me really after take the assessment test on week 10. A Simple questionnaire we were given at the beginning of this course and then again on week 10, with no right or wrong answers, about personal beliefs, dreams, goals and so on. I had had a little self-doubt that much would have changed since falling behind not REALLY doing the work. But to my utter astonishment A LOT had. They way I think, feel and sometimes act is SO different than from Week 1! And not just from those 20 questions, but other characteristics of myself as well.

I hadn’t perceived how much self confidence I had actually gained. I was sent to an already established client’s house to do a simple network test in my new job, on a setup I hadn’t done, still gaining knowledge of, on my own with no experienced counterpart by my side. All whilst being told “She’s a very demanding woman”. Normally I would have backed out completely, or just been a nervous wreck while there. But reflecting after I left, I was so amazed how calm I was with no fear and worry. Got the job done, figuring out things I had little knowledge about, on my own! And what I sweet and welcoming lady, even offering me a lift outside the estate with her driver as it was pouring with rain.

I’ve been in much more control over negative thought, and they like to keep coming! But I find myself deflecting them almost instantly most of the time. Like there’s a permanent firewall constantly working. Negative thought is establishing a connection…. Connection refused. Though some do still get through and linger a little longer. But like the banned troublemaker that slipped past the bouncer in a club for a few seconds, they’re swiftly removed!

“Thought is omnipotent”. The application of this knowledge with positive thoughts and desires has brought about some mind blowing results. And as my guide Luc said, these small things are BIG things.

Really wanting to go out and socialize a bit, but not being able to afford to, instead of looking for methods of how to, I just affirmed in my mind “I’m going on Friday evening to [said venue] and sit that bar and have a beer”. Friday came and just that happened through some outside work, to the point where I sat pretty much on the chair I had in mind, at the bar where nobody was sitting, on a packed Friday! 

That wasn’t the only instance, I had received R400 in rewards currency from my bank a while ago, and decided to replace a power adapter for some good PC speakers I had. Disappointed at first that it would only arrive on the 27th of December, every time I heard the horrible sound from the speakers I had, I listened as if I heard the crisp, clear sound of those Harmon/Kardon speakers, and affirmed, I’ll be listening through those before Christmas. The order containing the adapter for those HK’s changed to 19 December within a week.

These manifestations keep happening! My friend and MKE member Johanna shared our experiences and came to a obvious conclusion. If this is what’s happening now, what will be the payoff if we REALLY dig in and work properly on this course? Like Lori on the last webinar said, If things aren’t happening as quickly as you want, you need to shore up your courage or your faith. So digging in I am, as challenging as it is with a lot on my plate at the moment with insane deadlines for my IT studies, whilst still working and helping out my friends and previous boss for a bit. It’s now 2am, I’m up at 5, but always try to finish the day strong.  I’m just persisting through with body tired but mind alive!

To conclude, with all these amazing things and changes going on, the biggest change for me so far is….. I’ve never been this happy, for this extended period of time!

One thought on “Week 11, 12

  1. This is awesome, Adriel! Thanks for sharing the manifestations occurring in your life. I’m learning I need to be better aware of the things happening in my life – your examples are a perfect reminder. Thank you!

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