Week 10

Persist, Believe, Succeed

So Week 10, can’t believe a week has gone by already. Not too much happened this past week, but none the less has still been a good one. As I STILL struggle a bit to get back into routine, I just keep pushing on, reminding myself of how far I’ve come already, and how things are still taking shape.

I love the beginning of Scroll III of The Greatest Salesman, “I will persist until I succeed” Just that first thing in the morning gets me motivated if I start feeling discouraged or disappointed in my progress or lack thereof. I repeat that even just in my head when faced with certain situations that start me thinking “It’s unworkable”, “I don’t think this can be done”. It’s a great sentence to replace those negative thoughts quickly before I start entertaining them!

One big one is where my studies now for my I.T. career have gotten very hard, in that the material includes parts of other subjects I’ve never learnt, or terms I have never heard of.  It’s then  easy for the idea to creep in that “I might not be able to do this one”. Instead I take a step back, remember the scroll, BELIEVE I can do it, and the answers of how to start coming! It CAN be done. I just have to work harder. PERSIST!

So, even when I can’t look that guy in the glass straight in the eye, because I feel disappointed that I haven’t done my best, I will go back and try, and try, and try again. I WILL succeed! Because in my future reality I read aloud every day, I have ALREADY succeeded!

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