Week 9

Don’t take a break, from breaking away from your old self.

Getting back on track this week has been a little harder than what I thought. WOW did I procrastinate whilst catching up and getting simple tasks done, something I shouldn’t be doing at this stage. This post alone has fallen an hour after the deadline. But I didn’t let myself get overwhelmed, pushed through and everything has started falling into place.

Events in my DMP has started to manifest. I’m now working for an IT company, who started paying for extra studies in the field a while back, and still is. My hours and pay are better, and a career I never thought possible in the past has started to take shape. EXACTLY  what I had written, EXACTLY  what I BELIEVED has already happened!

One thing I can say is, when I do fall off the tracks a bit, it’s interesting how quick I”ll fall back on bad habits. I was doing OK with not giving opinions, until a few days ago where there was more procrastinating than doing the work. I found the opinions FLOWING out in general conversation, only realizing a day later “What were you doing???” Honestly I didn’t really feel good about it, but now paying much more attention to being the quiet observer.  

I absolutely love last 2 exercises from the MK lesson. Really thinking about how things came to be, whether it be the flower that begins from the seed or my favorite, every circumstance that had to take place for the warship to become a reality. It’s actually something I’ve thought about before. For example how we listen to music today via streaming services. What circumstances, who’s ideas and visions, and it’s amazing how far back you can go to, all the way back to 1857 where inventor Édouard-Léon Scott de Martinville had created the first know device to capture sound. Fast forward to the development of the internet, analogue sound to digital, compressing digital audio for smaller file sizes (the mp3), Shaun Parker’s creation of Napster, Steve Job’s creation of iTunes to curve widespread piracy of services such as Napster, and then the idea that a new model was needed for people to have access to music, without having to download each song at a cost, but stream a large library at a fraction of that cost. If you think about it, one break in the long chain of events, we could all still be walking around with large Discman’s and those large CD bags in our cars just so that our favorite songs could be portable!

The task of switching of the TV for 7 days was an easy one. I’ve noticed I haven’t actually watched a single episode of a series, and not one movie in about the last nine weeks. I think the new season of one of my favorite shows has started…. Haven’t checked that either. Only thing I’ve watched is the Tech News from a YouTube channel, for the sole purpose of keeping up with new ideas and creations as well as valuable information in the IT sector. Yesterday I did watch actual TV for the first time, and man did I see how much, for lack of a better word, CRAP is on there! I know now more than ever that disconnecting my Satellite service over a year ago was a good choice. Have you ever noticed in a LOT of the popular shows, how much death you’re exposed to? Is that the type of “entertainment” I want to allow to enter my mind all the time. “I zealously inspect all things that enter my mind”, comes, to mind, when choosing what I watch. I automatically steer away from such shows, or put a HARD LIMIT on them, and found myself going more to Nat Geo and History for documentaries, that will only feed my mind with knowledge rather than the constant negatively projected my mainstream entertainment.

One thought on “Week 9

  1. Fantastic that you could start working with the IT company, and congratulations for having manifested this so quickly from your DMP, I’m amazed and so happy, you made my day! Thanks for this great sharing.


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