Week 3

Shifting, shaking, a new Blueprint in the making

Oh my, I can’t believe week 4 is only days away! And have things been happening this week!

It’s been quite challenging being here in South Africa with the Time Zone difference for the Sunday webinars hosted from Kuai, Hawaai. 22:00 – 00:00 Is till OK, but staying afterwards for the Masterminding, which has always such valuable information, insights, and resonating with others experiences, is just something I can’t miss. It then gets quite late, or should I say early…. This week after the Mastermind, reading and quiet sit, I had only gotten a full hour of sleep before having to be awake again at 5am as to get the morning tasks done and get ready for work. There is some good in this though. I still managed perfectly all day, concentrating on what had to be done instead of how tired I was. Eventually I had forgotten about being tired, didn’t feel that way anymore, because I had inhibited that thought and feeling and put focus on something else.

That something else being, taking the mundane task of chipping at an empty swimming pool’s cement, and turning it into a metaphor of myself, to what I’m accomplishing on this journey. I look at that pool cement as if it is my own cement, that’s covering the gold that’s within me. Every time I take the hammer too it, I see that gold oozing out of the holes, the greatness that is me, flowing free. Doing this the whole day gives a feeling of great satisfaction and accomplishment.

Things have been manifesting in ways I would only have described in the past as miraculous and coincidence. Thoughts are starting to mould into desired experiences. Thinking and believing things are already done, in the future, can seem somewhat mind boggling, some may think it stupid. But doing exactly so produces some results that just cannot be ignored.

Last week I was given what would have been an impossible task of taking 8-12 days of study, putting it in 2, and writing the test afterwards. After initially thinking that’s just not possible, I focused on it being accomplished: Study 2, days, write, test, done. All of a sudden the method of obtaining that smacked in in the face. I got it done, and I achieved a score that even the qualified and experienced in the IT industry did not get!

Later that night, or early morning Sunday, after putting my head down to rest, the last thought in my mind was, “I have money”, I should have been specific, but it was so. Few hours later my one boss from where I’m just a casual, phoned and asked if I’m available for work the next day!

THEN, later that day, I contacted a potential buyer for an item I am selling. I didn’t have transport and didn’t know how I was going to meet at the destination with the item. What I did was, instead of using to much of the word will, or things like “I’ll see what I can“, I just said “Tomorrow I am there”. The next day someone who I have haven’t heard from in a while, contacted me for a favour, my favour got returned in the form of an available lift to the destination. The METHOD, came again, from POSITIVE THINKING!

These three things so close to each other CANNOT be any coincidence, but only by the conscious, dictating to the subconscious, connected to the Infinite power of the Universal to make desires manifest!

There was something else about myself that came to realization this week as well. How so deep down I seek desperate approval of everybody else. I really thought I knew what my Personal Pivotal Needs were, yet struggling to put strong emotion to them, and couldn’t understand why. It was because I wasn’t really being truly honest with myself, I had picked needs of what others would approve of. I wasn’t standing at the river of everybody else dreams, I was drowning in it! And all I could hear was Mark J shouting “WHAT DO YOU WANT!!!?”

But I pulled myself to shore, got out of there, and dug deep down to the honest truth of what I really want, and once I had swallowed that ego pill of mine, and admitted the truth, I could finally put emotion to a Definate Major Purpose that was truly mine!

3 thoughts on “Week 3

  1. Wow, Adriel, amazing the things you’re manifesting. Prior to MKE I might think they were just happy coincidences, but now I’m seeing little things start popping up for me, too. Quite a journey!


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