Week 1

The Journey begins

As I sit and write my first blog, something I never saw myself doing, reflecting back on the last few days, I’m already astounded of the changes I’m seeing in myself already and this is only the beginning!  Tired of how my life has turned out, where it was going and unsure how it would end. I didn’t see ANY happy ending, or worse, I didn’t believe that there would be one. Then I came across MasterKey.  Slowly the answers started coming for all the questions I had, WHY everything hasn’t been going the way intended.

And so, I began following the instructions, doing the exercises and I actually started feeling better about myself. Though it did come with me having to fight my own resistance. I’ve always been scared of failure, rejection and change, and I understand now, that’s part of my blueprint, and sub-consciously I want to revert back to rejecting change.  But even by the second day, I felt it easier, and now it’s something I WANT to do. If I find myself getting lazy or start procrastinating, I feel a force in me that makes me jump up and get things done. Even dead tired, eyes closed waiting to pass out the other night, I just couldn’t fall asleep, as I knew the tasks for the day hadn’t been completed. It’s comparable to trying to sleep while needing the bathroom, you just can’t, and I just couldn’t without doing what had to be done. I always feel so much better at the end of the day, the shutting everything off and sitting still before bed, has helped so much in me getting a good night’s sleep, I can’t believe that that’s ALL I needed to do!

Not only am I noticing changes within myself, the outside world is too!  I heard today that apparently “I’m not doing well”.  This is because people are seeing a different side of me that they have never seen! A side of me, I’m only getting to know for the first time EVER, and I LIKE IT!

4 thoughts on “Week 1

  1. Welcome on board of the Master Key Experience Adriel, what you share is fantastic, you are now the observer of your own life and you start to find how to master it! I love your metaphore of trying to sleep while needing the bathroom, this is soooo accurate!! Thanks for this great sharing.

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